Version City Rockers Darker Roots

Reflecting the sombre tone and melancholy felt in post-9/11 New York city, Darker Roots assembles nine of reggae’s classic singers along with the deep groove of New York based Version City Rockers to create an almost blues influenced roots reggae record. Tracks like Yabby You and the Prophets’ "Rough in Babylon” or Congo Ashanti Roy’s "Why Dem A Galong So” don’t hold back and unleash a volley of questions towards a world that would create these attacks. While Sister Nancy’s "Jah Have the Handle” and Sugar Minott’s "Nah Bodda Wid It” reflect a more hopeful approach towards the future of the world and its citizens. Darker Roots is both a commentary on and a snap shot of the 9/11 tragedies played out to the tight rhythms of the Version City Rockers and the production of legendary producer King Django. Heavy on emotion, Darker Roots echoes with hope through deep spirituality and strong social awareness, creating a full bodied record that causes you to groove and reflect. (Antifaz)