Vernier "Things We Do for Love" (video) (NSFW)

Vernier "Things We Do for Love" (video) (NSFW)
It's closing in on one year since Montreal-based songwriter Vernier released her debut album, Things We Do for Love. To celebrate the occasion, Exclaim! has your first look at her new video for the record's title track.

The visuals snap between Vernier and a collection of racy stills from a photo essay by Berlin-based artist-photographer Nico Stinghe. The shots work well as a complement to the edgy, grunge-pop-indebted album cut.

"When seeing Nico Stinghe's work, I felt it embodied what people do for ego, for attention, for love" she tells Exclaim! "There's an energy to his work that is bold and intense. I felt there was a synergy between both works, mine and his, that addresses the darkness we can all visit whether on a quest for love or for art."

Vernier adds: "The song itself was inspired by not one but a few different romantic relationships, mine and that of close friends, where it's like you're addicted to the other person who is being self-destructive. And just like with addiction, you're harming yourself though you don't know to what extent when you're in the thick of it. You may think your dedication to them and the relationship is 'love' but it isn't. It's addiction."

Watch the NSFW visuals in the player below.