The Verlaines' 'Hallelujah All the Way Home' and 'Juvenilia' Treated to Reissues

The Verlaines' 'Hallelujah All the Way Home' and 'Juvenilia' Treated to Reissues
The Captured Tracks/Flying Nun Records connection is about to give kiwi-pop fans another reason to celebrate, with news that the labels will soon be reissuing a pair of '80s-era platters from the Verlaines.

Arriving December 3 will be represses of the group's 1985 debut LP Hallelujah All the Way Home and the 1987 singles compendium Juvenilia. Each offering has been remastered and includes additional artwork not seen in the original releases.

A press release notes that Hallelujah All the Way Home has been out of print since its initial pressing, and this latest addition comes in a gatefold sleeve that includes the original insert and a poster. The LP followed the band's early singles and apparently features "tales of drunkards and romantics all punctuated by guitar blasts and instrumental flourishes." You can stream the album down below.

Juvenilia, meanwhile, contains the band's earliest tracks ("Angela" and "Crisis After Crisis"), as well as signature track "Death and the Maiden" and more. The tracklisting for the CD and LP editions of the compilation run a little different, with the CD containing extra cuts. You'll likewise find a stream of the collection and all the tracklisting info down below.

Hallelujah All The Way Home:

1. It Was Raining

2. All Laid On

3. The Lady and the Lizard

4. Don't Send Me Away

5. Lying in State

6. Phil Too?

7. For The Love of Ash Grey

8. The Ballad of Harry Noryb

Juvenilia (CD Version):

1. Death And The Maiden

2. Doomsday

3. Joed Out

4. Baud To Tears

5. Crisis After Crisis

6. Burlesque

7. You Cheat Yourself of Everything That Moves

8. Pyromaniac

9. Windsong

10. Angela

11. You Say You

12. New Kind Of Hero

13. Instrumental

14. Phil Too?

15. C.D. Jimmy Jazz and Me

Juvenilia (LP Version):

1. Death And The Maiden

2. Angela

3. Baud To Tears

4. Crisis After Crisis

5. Burlesque

6. Joed Out

7. Pyromaniac

8. You Say You

9. Windsong

10. You Cheat Yourself Of Everything That Moves