Verbrilli Many Colored Butterflies

The Verbrilli Sound is quite similar to some of LTJ Bukem's Good Looking releases, with its lush, atmospheric drum & bass and down-tempo breaks. In the saturated realm of beat-oriented material, it is increasingly difficult to create something fresh, yet Verbrilli manages to pull it off. The material on Many Colored Butterflies veers between fun, lounge-y and graceful. Track two, entitled "Descender," is a mellow breaks piece with (what I think are) liberal dialogue samplings from old cartoon episodes of Captain Nemo. Track four, entitled "Dizney," is the best track on the album and sounds similar to the work of Seba & Lotek: dreamy, mellifluous, gliding along weightlessly with rapid polyrhythms, like a hummingbird through a garden. Track seven, "Decent People," is a breezy, sonorous piece that's propelled by guitar chords. Some tunes on this album are a bit too lounge-y and slow, however, especially after hearing the kinetic energy of "Dizney," which whetted my appetite for more of the same. (Sweet Mother)