Verbal Abuse Just an American Band/Live in '84

This re-release is essentially a chronicle of the early ’80s American hardcore scene. Unfortunately only but a few of the quintessential releases of this era have only made their way to CD, and the ones that have made the transition only exist in small press runs. With that being said, it’s refreshing to witness Verbal Abuse’s 1983 album, Just an American Band, accompanied by 13 live tracks from the band’s 1984 tour, recorded while opening up for the Ramones. The intensity, anger, speed, and hopelessness associated with the 26 songs on this CD reflect a time in American society when the growth of the hardcore scene was cancerous and life was lived for the moment. It’s easy to see why Slayer adopted some of Verbal Abuse’s songs. This recording serves as a reminder as to why so many youth got involved in the punk/hardcore scene to begin with. (Beer City)