Venue One Without A Second

Describing themselves as "Boards Of Canada producing Girls Against Boys” works for some tracks, but the obscure and long-gone British indie group Prolapse are perhaps a better comparison on other tracks, with the back-and-forth male and female singing. The singing can also sound a bit like Raine Maida of Can-rock tripe-merchants Our Lady Peace at some parts, but let’s not judge it on that. There is an indie streak a mile deep here; it’s like emo as produced by some hardcore techno heads. And like any good indie records, the songs are what make the record. Whether singing about "light-headed desire” or Kate Moss being "fucking hot” in Burberry, this is a sprawling, whirlwind trip through as many electronic rock sounds as one can fit on one album. Some parts don’t work, but a surprising number do. An impressive feat and a damn good album. (Brilliante)