Venomous Concept "Suffragette City" (David Bowie cover)

Venomous Concept 'Suffragette City' (David Bowie cover)
David Bowie's music inspired so many people, including generations of folks who would become recording artists themselves. The death of the pop icon has led to a rush of salutatory covers from Madonna, Calvin Love and more, and now grind group Venomous Concept. The latter's highly distorted take on "Suffragette City" is streaming now.

While definitely louder than the original, Venomous Concept deliver a reasonably faithful cover. For instance, they keep the tune at its normal rocking pace instead of obliterating us with a series of blast beats. That said, instead of glammy cries, the metal crew affix tough guy drawls to the tune, with a liberal dose of wah-wah pedal soaking deep into a mock Mick Ronson solo.

You'll find the tribute down below. Wham, bam, thank you, Venomous Concept.

In related news, Venomous Concept's Kick Me Silly - VC3 album was released last week. You can read Exclaim!'s review of the set over here.