The Velvet Underground Velvet Redux Love MCMXCIII

To be in Paris for one of those three nights in 1993 would have been an amazing experience, but for the VU fans who couldn't, this DVD documenting one of the last ever performances by the original line-up (minus Nico, of course, who died five years prior) is a terrific surrogate. Though the reunion, like most, wasn't welcomed by every fan, the band are in stellar form throughout the performance, despite looking every bit their age. Lou Reed playfully misses his cue with some vocals, John Cale continually swaps his viola for the bass and piano, on top of taking lead vocals for "Femme Fatale" and "I'm Waiting for the Man," Sterling Morrison chops away at his guitar, and Moe Tucker, who adorably takes centre stage to coo "I'm Sticking With You," plays her rudimentary rhythms to a tee for the set's entirety. Their climactic run through of "Heroin" is worth the price alone, but any true fan will find this an undemanding concert that warrants repeated viewings. (Rhino)