Velvet Acid Christ Fun with Knives

There are plenty of fun things you can do with knives — cut meat, stab people multiple times, skin a cat, or smoke hash. These are all things you can do while listening to Velvet Acid Christ’s fast paced electro-goth songs, but we’d recommend simply dancing nicely to the well-crafted beats — it’s good, but not murderous rampage good. Bryan Erickson, aka Disease Factory and Chris Workman use their Legendary Pink Dots and Orbital influences well in creating a noteworthy album that has moments of really fast industrial. “Fun with Drugs” is a good example of this with its (pot) smoking beats and samples from the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Who wouldn’t want to groove to Johnny Depp acting like Hunter S. Thompson reciting the list of drugs he has ingested, although locating a reading by Thompson himself would have been the ultimate trip. The samples are perfectly timed and there could only be one way to enjoy this song. Followed up with more drug-influenced music, “Speedball OD” has light speed drumming and scorching noise. Even those on speed would have a hard time keeping up with this beast. Knowing that speed can really fuck you up, “Psycho” comes up next with its eerie music and retelling of a stabbing. This album isn’t a theme album, just a look inside the messed up head of Disease Factory and Workman. From the liner notes and the gloomy electronic-industrial songs and samples they need more than VAC as an outlet for their problems. For now though we can all enjoy the songs safely and in a peaceful manner. (Metropolis)