Veda The Weight of an Empty Room

It sure doesn’t hurt for a fledgling band to get a little help along the way and Kansas City’s Veda have been very fortunate that way. They’ve struck up a friendship with Thrice, which has resulted in the two bands touring together and that has helped Veda’s live show garner a certain amount of praise. Unfortunately the same can’t be said of their debut album. The Weight of an Empty Room is a frustrating album because it continually hints that something good might happen, yet it never really does. It’s hard to know why it falls short because all the necessary parts are there: Kristen May possesses a powerful voice, which she isn’t afraid to use and musically there really isn’t anything wrong with the band’s talent level. Yet despite the fact that most songs start off with potential, something goes wrong during the next three or so minutes and listeners are left with forgettable, hook-free songs. And because of that, The Weight of an Empty Room never really gets going and Veda would be best advised to stay friends with more talented bands until they manage to put all the pieces of their puzzle together. (Second Nature)