Veal Tilt O’Whirl

It’s pretty clear that no one has told Winnipeg (now Vancouver) trio Veal that the early ‘90s indie rock explosion has run its course, and that’s a good thing, because otherwise we might have missed enjoying Tilt O’Whirl, an excellent throwback to a time when DIY meant sing-along songs, clear, ringing chords and a bucket of honest enthusiasm. This second full-length effort is full of excellent, varied rock songs that include some longer, more introspective musings, but are best represented by the lovely anti-corporate rocker “Skid.” They’re developing a reputation as an excellent live act, and their decisions to work with engineer Michael Phillip Wojewoda, recruit Tamara Williamson to sing, and recent appearances as a backing band for Oh Susanna demonstrate they have excellent taste as well. One to watch in the Canadian rock scene. (Square Dog)