VCMG Detail Debut Full-Length

VCMG Detail Debut Full-Length
Late last year we got a taste of what to expect from VCMG, the new minimalist techno project from former Depeche Mode collaborators Martin Gore and Vince Clarke, via their Spock EP. We knew, however, that there was way more in store, and fittingly the band have just announced plans to drop their full-length debut, Ssss.

A press release from the duo's label Mute confirms that Ssss will arrive in the UK on March 12 and hits our shores a day later. The ten-track album is said to demonstrate their "mutual love of electronic music." Interestingly, while the recordings mark the first time Gore and Clarke have recorded together in thirty years, it seems like they didn't exactly jump into the studio together to work on these compositions. Instead they worked alone in their respective studios and sent sound files back and forth over e-mail until the album was completed.

The previously released "Spock" makes an appearance on the LP, as does the troupe's next single, "Single Blip," which will be released as a 12-inch EP sometime in the future. You can check out the rest of Ssss's tracklist down below.


1. "Lowly"

2. "Zaat"

3. "Spock"

4. "Windup Robot"

5. "Bendy Bass"

6. "Single Blip"

7. "Skip This Track"

8. "Aftermaths"

9. "Recycle"

10. "Flux"