Vast Aire & Mighty Mi The Best Damn Rap Show

Have you ever listened to a verse on a track and thought to yourself, "Now, if that was a freestyle that was hot, but if he actually sat down and wrote that... then I don’t know”? Vast Aire is one of the those emcees that makes you wonder just that, with a Sunday driver-type flow and a non-linear thought process that keeps you constantly guessing as to exactly where the next rhyme might take you. Here the Cannibal Ox member teams up with the High & Mighty’s Mighty Mi in an attempt to create the "best damn rap show,” and the result is damn entertaining. Aire delivers an endless barrage of punch lines and unconventional references direct from left-field, ripping on everyone from the local righteous drug dealer to Spider-Man and Joan Rivers. For his part, Mighty Mi tries his best to equal his rhyme mate, keeping the beats crisp and slicing in some interesting cuts and samples. But the true star of this show is Vast Aire, who even takes some time away from dissecting emcees to give a brief lesson in American history and race relations, from the Great Depression to fuzzy Kangols and the L.A. riots on "The Workover.” Now all that’s left is to get this show on the road. (Eastern Conference)