Vast April

Much hyped at the time, Vast (which apparently stands for Visual Audio Sensory Theater) were one of those bands that never fully delivered on their promise to make rock music in a revolutionary way. Those claims probably came more from Elektra than the band’s only permanent member (Jon Crosby), but even an enthusiastic label couldn’t get too excited about April. Starting life as a downloadable album, this version of April features more polished versions of some of the songs, plus five new tracks. It marks a bit of a departure for the band, who were better known for gloomy rock, because most of the songs are quieter acoustic numbers that are supposed to act as a showcase for Crosby’s songwriting skills. But strip away all the pomp and ceremony from his music and the results are very ordinary. He’s managed to make an album that won’t appeal to his loyal fan base or wow anyone else for that matter. (Full of Beans)