Various Mixed By DJ Tiesto Summer Breeze

DJ Tiesto, is without a doubt one of the best trance DJs the world has seen. The one thing that sets this DJ apart from the other millions out there is that he will play the best of the very best tracks available and mix them flawlessly. The flow is perfect, the use of layering is superb and the subtle use of the tranced-out female vocals is perfect. With BT's "Dreaming" and Tiesto's remix of "Silence," by Delerium, gives the added touch of godliness. Above all that, half of the tracks gave me shivers down my spine and are a true representation of uplifting or epic trance. This whole mix is near perfect. The only thing I would change is to use a different remix of Kamaya Painters "Far From Over," the original is far better but not fun to mix with. If you like trance, you would be stupid not to go out and get this masterpiece. (Nettwerk)