Various Mixed By Deep Dish Renaissance Ibiza

Deep Dish has been a big part of the UK electronic scene for years. Ibiza is every party's dream place, and this double CD captures a bit of that dream. The first disc starts out light and keeps on coming on strong with the first peak at the sixth track, Golden Girl's "Kinetic," remixed by Commie. All tracks after seem to run down to softer and be more melodic with the ending track, Gabrielle's "Rise," a hit across the Atlantic that seemed to go unnoticed here. Disc two starts out funky with the classic, undefined style of Timo Mass. The rest of the CD sticks to the same format as the first, shifting styles and bringing the listener on a different journey. This time it ends off with more uplifting trance from the likes of BT and MRE. This is truly a great representation of the legendary Ibiza. The mixing is done flawlessly, just as one would expect by a name of this calibre. Deep Dish does it once again, and no surprises at that. (Ministry of Sound)