Various Mixed Be Dave Aude Rush Hour

Dave Aude has been hard at work in the techno scene for many years and contributed to the start of Moonshine. Dave Aude and Steve Levy started up a band called Lunatic Fringe, and their first successful single, "I Believe," launched Moonshine Records. What sets this remixer/producer apart is his depth of knowledge of music, melody, harmony and song structure. Lots of high-energy tracks and flawless mixing ability makes this one deadly mix. What is surprising is that the level of energy this DJ can create in only the 130 to 140 bpm range. This CD feels like it clocks in at 160 to 170 bpm. Needless to say, Moonshine has definitely done it again with another flawless mix CD that sets the label apart from the rest of the electronic music labels out there. (Moonshine)