Various Well Flavoured Essentials: Aberfoyle Springs Volume 2

Well Flavoured Essentials is a schizophrenic collection of tracks that jump from punch line-heavy, rugged New York bangers to oddball Canadian concoctions, with a few introspective musings as exceptions. Volume 2 is the best release in the Redline Productions/ series of compilations that began with Black Sunz, which first introduced the varied song mixture. This time around, has opted for a compilation of mostly exclusive tracks, which makes this a much more mandatory purchase, especially with exclusives from Sixtoo, Eternia, Atoms Family, Celph Titled and Apathy. Such a varied roster means it’s inevitable that some songs will be skip-able, but there are a number of impressive tracks. Well Flavoured Essentials starts out strong when Maryland meets New York for "Who’s Fuckin’ Around (Remix)” with K-Skills and Celph Titled. It continues with other quality contributions: "Famous Names for $200” is a smooth Atoms Family track that strings names together, "Local Earth” is Angle’s view from the underground, "Rip Rap” sees Josh Martinez ripping some raps on a song previously available only on vinyl, "The Pheonix” is a dreamy Moves production featuring Governor Bolts, Stubs and Kaboom, and Sixtoo’s "Death Match” goes the farthest left-of-centre. Well Flavoured Essentials is a good mix of artists that should entertain a wide variety of hip-hop fans. (