Various Welcome to the Afterlife

Veterans of Project Blowed/Goodlife Café, Chillin Villain Empire's Riddlore? and Fish formed Afterlife Records to release their future-school gangsta concoctions. As alumni of the Project Blowed nights, CVE and the rest of the Afterlife crew emphasize flows above and beyond everything else. The flows Busdriver drops on "We're Here to Stay" (where he guests) and "Walking Dead," for example, are so stylistically fast and complex that he is easily dismissed by many fans. However, Busdriver is one of the major forces on Welcome to the Afterlife that make it an enjoyable listen. Another is 2Mex who contributes some guest vocals to Busdriver's "Walking Dead," making it one of the best tracks on the compilation, and "Mosh to da Sun" under the name Of Mexican Descent with partner Xololanxinxo. Opening track "We're Here to Stay" by CVE featuring Bus Driver and Da Rifleman, Cipher 7's hardcore Five Percenter tract "God Complex," and Fish Filet's "Gangsta Skrill" are three more reasons to get the album. With the majority of the production supplied by Ridd? (aka Riddlore?) and Ngafsh (aka Fish Filet), there is the occasional tendency for the tracks to blend together with similar sounds. However, the individual flows add an element of difference between tracks so that songs never sound repetitive. Plus, a few other producers add a bit of variety to the stew: DJ Trooo drops a couple of above average tracks ("Kclantastik" by Hip Hop Kclan and "Can of Man" by Easty Boys), and Ebow contributes the bullet-heavy beat to "Gangsta Skrill," while Tray-Loc's beat for "Party N My Trunk" is the only really uninspired beat on the compilation. If the Afterlife is truly this fun, consider this my final note to all. (Afterlife)