Various Webster Hall's New Yowk Dance CD Vol. 4, Mixed By Ricky Corbo

This has to be the strangest compilation CD I have ever seen. Starting off with the classic odd ball, Scooter's "Fuck the Millenium," which sounds like cheese-y trance with a side of happy hardcore, but still enjoyable, Aquagen's "You Are So Quiet" starts up, but in the form of trance. A very nice remix, and an impressive selection. In all, the entire mix follows the same; popular tracks with the oddest of remixes. For example, the remix of Prodigy's "Outta Space," done by Mellow Tracks. It starts off sounding like old acid house and then kicks in with a trance feel with the classic outta space sample over it. Ending off this enjoyable madness is Zombie Nation's "Kraftwerk 400," which is the icing on the cake. One thing would make this strange mix complete, however, the trance mix of Baha Men's "Who Let The Dogs Out." (Webster Hall)