Various We Will Follow: A Tribute to U2

The best song on Cleopatra’s tribute We Will Follow has to be Front Line Assembly locating and thawing out ‘80s pop queen sensation Tiffany, who sings like she did before, while FLA do an incredible reworking of “News Year Day.” Die-hard U2 fans would like how this song has been recreated. Razed in Black remain true to “Pride” keeping the guitar riff but incorporate some hard industrial beats and distorted vocals that really pump this one up. Adding more horror and anger than U2 could ever have imagined, Electric Hell Fire Club have done a wonderful job with “Sunday Bloody Sunday.” EHC’s vocalist Thomas Thorn (ex-My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult), sounds like he is filled with rage while howling through the song. Sabrina, with her choir girl vocals handles the backup singing, keeping the song from becoming too filled with rage. An added gothic plus are the church bells at the end. “October” by Rosetta Stone is transformed into an incredible gothic tune. Industrial-metal band Die Krupps update the music for “Numb” to create something that is drastically different than the original while keeping the basic intent intact. You have to love the vocals that are better than Edge’s original spoken word attempt. Definitely a song that will have the children of the night on the dance floor shaking their PVC encrusted asses. Unfortunately, not all the songs are as good as those mentioned, but of the 14 tracks, ten are fantastic or close enough to it to make this tribute another good effort from Cleopatra. With the wealth of songs U2 has in their repertoire there shouldn’t have been two versions of the same song on the album, yet there is. Perfect for goths who enjoy these bands or for U2 fans who have an open mind. (Cleopatra)