Various The Warning Compilation

Inexpensive label samplers compiled of strong and diverse material are always delicious, and this compilation adheres to those principals. The Warning Compilation showcases six Pennsylvanian bands in a wide spectrum of sounds, with the Jazz June being probably the most notable band on this compilation, contributing two previously unreleased tracks in that Deep Elm, Jade Tree emo-core vein with additional electronic wizardry. The Covert Agency follow closely, but distinctly, in the Jazz June’s musical voyage, while Sadaharu scream out their Drive Like Jehu jazz-hardcore-fusion in a manner that will definitely scorch and blister the inner ear with intensity. Picking up the pop-punk contingency, No On 15 fill out the CD with their style reminiscent of Less Than Jake, and while Fake Bomb contribute some catchy and often dirge-like rock, From Common Knowledge punch the aggression throttle to full and crunch out their street fighting sounds. Keeping things rich in diversity and down to a minimum of two songs per band has given this compilation something more desirable than similar label compilations, which ooze in uniformity and quantity over quality. (Universal Warning)