Various Wanna Be Your Friend: A Tribute To The Inbreds

For the Canadian sizzle teens that slaved and slavered over mix-tapes in the post-grunge mid-’90s, the Inbreds were a beloved musical staple. One of those erstwhile teens, Scott Grimbleby, recently decided it was high time for the band’s friends and admirers to pay them homage. Wanna Be Your Friend: A Tribute To The Inbreds is a fittingly excellent tribute to an incredible (and incredibly overlooked) Canadian indie band. Quirky electro versions of Inbreds songs by Share, the Memories Attack and Ruby Jean & the Thoughtful Bees are interestingly off-kilter yet retain shards of the Inbreds’ bass and drums aesthetic. Highlights from the disc include the Forum (a supergroup made up of Matt Murphy, Gregg Millman, Rebecca Mendoza and Chris Murphy) giving "You Will Know” a sugary dose of boy-girl harmonies, Jonathan Inc. re-imagining "Drag Us Down” as a folksy alt-country gem and Catriona Sturton (ex of Plumtree) offering a vulnerable and achingly earnest take on "North Window.” Who would have thought that there could be fresh discoveries made within such familiar terrain? (Gooseberry)