Various Wabi 4 Years

Since 1999 a Toronto-based collective of visual arts and film students have been organising monthly events alongside once-fledgling producers and DJs to create their trademark "aural-spatial-visual” experiences. The Wabi collective and associates have since grown-up and to prove it they have released a compilation of original music made by the participants of the events. In essence, this compilation could be regarded as a touchstone for these disciples of nocturnal dance music. Among the better-known contributors to this compilation are former headliners of these once-obscure events such as Naw, Polmo-Polpo, Tomas Jirku and Daniel Lui. For the established artists, their music remains as accomplished and true to form as ever. Even more pleasing are contributions by newer producers no longer standing wistfully on the sidelines, including an atmospheric "Intermission” by Task (Tom Kuo), and atmospheric techno by Ozawa (Alan Webb) and Nitsuji (Justin Fong). For debut tracks, the latter three have crafted some very promising music. Wabi 4 Years represents DIY dance culture that has matured and evolved in a positive way and is the scene at its best. Comes with beautifully designed four-panel gatefold packaging. (Independent)