Various Vol. 2

This second volume of Katapult’s show-and-tell is well worth your pennies. Mixed by the Valence-born Parisian resident Krikor, the mix is low key minimal house with a hell of a good sense of humour. The bounce reins, although often offset by the rigidity of more serious, unbending beats. The Jamie Lidell remix of Noze’s "Albert” is a slap-happy collage of haphazardly dissected samples strung together on a 4/4 ever-morphing pulse that’s quite fulfilling. Mikaeli Weill’s "Hector” is gentler, using a coursing melodic throb to round the corners of the glitch-ier sounds. The finale, Ark’s "Sueur de Table” is murkier than most but just as bounce-bound and loyal to the constant turnover of tones to keep the various beat lines each track is made of. Expect non-repetitious 4/4 music you can do all your house moves to but with the energy herded by pixelated samples. (Katapult)