Various Voices of Urban Renewal

The seemingly benign term "urban renewal" was ascribed to the razing of homes and subsequent forced relocation that disproportionately affected poor blacks and Hispanics for the building of the Cross Bronx Expressway in New York. This dubious implementation of urban planning left the Bronx depleted, widening social and economic inequality and is often pointed to as a pivotal factor in providing the environment for the codes and practices that led to the birth of hip-hop culture in the New York borough. Continuing in the culture's resistive creative tradition, this spoken word compilation features contemporary beats and rhymes from Primeridian ("Musical Mirages") and one-time spoken word artist Mos Def ("All Praises Due"). Elsewhere King Britt's ambient soundscape is the base for "Circe," yet another disturbing reading from Ursula Rucker. An appearance from esteemed dub poet Mutabaruka and Oliver Grimball's impressive versatile jazz improv style indicate the compilation's unwavering progressive tone. (Guidance)