Various Vibon

A compilation put out by Darla Records indicating part of the electronic music scene ranging from IDM to house to down-tempo d&b and ambient. Notable tracks include Pacifica's "Stylized A," a shimmering deep house tune; Flowchart's "Cootchie" is quirky yet fun; and Bhowson's abstract modulating "120300" invokes repeated listens. The real gems on this compilation are the stellar ambient pieces. Air and Space's "Under Your Pillow" has a somewhat delusional half-conscious quality. Mall's "City State" is eerie, composed of sustained high pitched tones, followed by Timonium vs. James "Rae Luce" who produced some deep ambient sweep-overs. Finally Tremelo closes the compilation with an excellent drone ambient track that appears to be live. Apparently Darla Records has their finger on the pulse of some exceptional ambience. Perhaps the label should consider putting out an ambient-only record. (Darla)