Various Verve Remixed 3

From the seemingly bottomless Verve back catalogue comes 13 new remixes, plus the originals on a separate disc. First of all, a pox on all those who would filter these vocalists. It’s unneeded, and almost insulting. Second, the best remixes are often of the best originals. I can’t decide if this reflects more on the remixers or the original artists. The biggest successes include Carl Craig’s mix of Hugh Masekela’s "The Boy’s Doin’ It,” with a fine trumpet melody, twinkling synths and shuffling beats. Bent turn Billie Holiday’s "Speak Low” into a typically good Bent track. Lyrics Born manages to create the most energetic track on the disc — a break beat-driven "Stay Loose,” originally by Jimmy Smith, complete with a thousand horn stabs and fine beats. The only people to really do a number on the originals are Brazilian Girls, who create a fine, speedy electro track out of Blossom Dearie’s "Just One of Those Things” and Junior Boys, who convert Billie Holiday’s "Yesterdays” into a dark, brooding ambient track. The only misfires are the Sarah Vaughan tracks: Adam Freeland’s rock-styled mix of "Fever” and Max Sedgley’s lumbering remake of "Peter Gunn” are unsuccessful, probably because the original instrumentals are so much better known. And you get a disc of the originals, which certainly weren’t picked because they’re bad or in need of updating. (Verve)