Various Vancouver Complication

A better snapshot of the beginnings of Canada’s fertile West Coast punk scene does not exist. Originally released in 1979, this compilation contains some of the finest examples of why the Vancouver scene was important not only to Canada, but the emerging world of punk rock in both the U.S. and the UK. Containing a variety of "firsts,” such as the first Canadian all-girl punk band and first Canadian punk band signed to an international label, the sounds contained on this disc are incredibly varied given the short lifespan of the genre at the time. From D.O.A.’s gritty hardcore assault to the slower drone of bands like No Fun, the whole spectre of punk rock seems to be represented here. On par with great scene comps of the past like Flex Your Head, this is a truly remarkable look back at the roots of some of this country’s best music, and an excellent introduction to an important part of punk’s great white northern history. (Sudden Death)