Various Up.Remixed

Vancouver-based label Upstairs Recordings emerged in 1999 with the intention to release music that defied easy categorisation. Their latest release is a collection of remixes that’s super-tight, clearly exemplifying the individual styles of the varied artists who have worked with Upstairs (and specifically on this album), as both original track and remix artists. The album as a whole is brave, exciting and refreshingly independent, with varied elements of drum & bass, tribal house, rock and disco, just to name a few. Hexes and Oh’s remix of "Sayshell” by Telefuzz lays indie vocals over bleep-y beats. Gel-Sol’s "Cool Sweet Awesome Yay” (remixed by Maya Jane Coles) is laden with weird samples and the Monta remix of "Session 5” by Solus lays down some experienced drum & bass beats. Up.Remixed is full of the deep and dreamy sounds trademarked by West coast electronica. Track after track after track, this album comes highly recommended. (Upstairs)