Various Underground Hip-Hop Volume 04

Urbnet’s fourth instalment of the UGHH series of CanCon underground hip-hop is indeed representative of Canada: a landscape so expansive that it can’t help but be a lot of boring with some bright spots. When it comes to raps, none here stands higher then Vancouver’s Birdapress (did he add an s?) who rocks "Not What You Think” over a so-so beat. The country should wake up and stop sleeping on him. Mood Ruff and Shadez come correct on "Don’t Let It Slip Away,” as does Theology 3 on "Temptation Island,” though one of these days we’re going to have to move away from the sped-up sample chorus. The hottest beat here is OK "Fritz tha Cat” Cobra’s organ-soaked "Child In Rhyme,” and DL Incognito and Guilty Party (with Saukrates) turn in decent efforts, but the rest, like say, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan, are unremarkable, interminable, and droningly unspectacular. (Urbnet)