Various Ultra.Chilled05

Ever since chill-out compilations became a staple of the electronic music scene, there has been a tireless effort to release every single possible concept for an album mixed of blissful trip-hop or mellowed acid jazz. Though there are still a copious amount of comps released on a weekly basis, there is occasionally a standout record in the bunch. Luckily Ultra Records are around to provide that one record and now they’ve reached their fifth in four years (a respectable rate). Often seeking out the latest and greatest lethargic tracks, they’ve done a decent job with Ultra.Chilled05. Over the course of the two discs, everything from nu-jazz and electro pop to classic jazz and mainstream pop contributes to the cause of relaxation. There are some obvious veteran contributors like Thievery Corporation (with Perry Farrell), Lemon Jelly and Bent that are well aware of how to work their magic. And then there are exciting newbies like Mylo, Scissor Sisters and SA-RA, who give a fresh take on laid back grooves. Of course, there are always some head-scratchers that stick out like the inclusion of Nina Simone’s far too intense classic "Feeling Good” and two poorly chosen covers — Jamie Cullum’s embarrassing jazz rendition of Pharrell’s "Frontin’” and Moby’s blasphemous take on New Order’s timeless "Temptation.” Fortunately the good outweigh the bad though, so the listener can sit back, enjoy and chillax. (Ultra)