Various Ultra Music Festival

The Ultra Music Festival is an annual party that coincides with the Winter Music Conference in Miami, usually spanning multiple themed rooms. This compilation brings together some of the biggest names that played there and some of their biggest hits from the past few years. The tracks are quite good, ranging from trance to house to punk-funk and break beats. A few have been edited for length, but with 16 unmixed tracks that’s inevitable. Unless you’re really open-minded, you won’t like them all, but on average, any dance fan will like more than half. Some favourites include Mylo’s electro-pop classic "Drop the Pressure,” Erick Morillo and Terra Deva’s tech-y vocal house track "What Do You Want,” and Steve Lawler’s excellent "Illectronic Music,” which brings together electro and progressive house. With more quality music from Infusion, Carl Cox, VHS or Beta, a strangely subdued Crystal Method and others, there aren’t many weak spots on this disc. It’s a good opportunity to pick up many fine singles. (Ultra)