Various Tuberider

Compiled by members of Croatia’s the Bambi Molesters, Tuberider is a 26-track compilation from 17 of today’s best surf bands. What really sets this CD apart is how international it is, featuring bands from Canada, U.S., Belgium, Austria, Finland and Croatia. There are lots of good tracks here, with the picks of the litter being the Fifty Foot Combo’s bongo-crazy “The Legend of Hanau Eepe,” and Bomber’s raunchy “Mexican Highway.” All the stuff here is top notch, but the problem is that most of the tracks here (and in the current surf scene in general) are too squeaky-clean and sunny sounding. It would be great to hear some more energetic, punky, fun tracks with more guts and personality. Having said that, this comp should still make most surf fans happy. Bonus points for the deluxe faux-surfboard-wax package and the inclusion of cool Canuck bands Polaris, the Treblemakers, and Los Mel-Tones. (Anubis)