Various Trash Companion #1

Nightclubs constantly show off their nights with compilations, but when is it ever a club that specialises in indie? England’s most popular indie club night is Trash, a night devoted to the people that want to dance to everything from pop, garage rock and post-punk to the most obscure tunes one could ever imagine. Organised by Erol Alkan, the man behind the night, this compilation is a taste of what one could expect from a Monday night at Trash. Divided into two parts, the disc first showcases live performances that have taken place at the club. Songs by dirty birds Peaches ("Rockshow”) and Gonzales ("You Are”) are most entertaining, yet it’s the Gold Chains number, which sees him rapping alongside an older Stereolab tune, that gets the blood pumping through the veins. On side two, it’s classics the night favours. Everything from Nancy Sinatra and Duran Duran to Kylie and Huggy Bear are represented. They even dig up the Slits’s early cover of "I Heard It Through The Grapevine,” which is good enough reason to buy this comp alone. (End)