Various Trancelucid

The subtitle of this compilation is "Smooth Melodic Trance," and is a near-perfect description that saves a lot of work reviewing it. So, there are ten tracks, unmixed, all from the Belgian label Bonzai. Among the better ones are Planisphere's "The Lost Planet," Airwave's breakbeat mix of "Ladyblue" and Chris Raven's mix of Altitude's "Nightstalker." None of the songs have vocals and most are slow enough that they can be listened to at home without feeling the need to dance. Most are heavy on shimmery melodies and many are soaked with strings. Some are a little over the top though, with cheesy synth sounds, à la Vangelis. Those who like melodic trance will surely get a kick out of these tracks, but those who don't needn't bother. (Beatbuzz)