Various Tonne Soundtoy

Tonne has developed an audio software program called Soundtoy, which allows the user to manipulate audio samples with a visual interface. A copy of the software is provided on the audio CD. Also provided on this CD are forays into music with this software by the likes of Scanner, SI-CUT.DB and Håkan Lidbo, each offering two attempts. Tonne Soundtoy poses a dilemma. Will all this available music software, some that even comes with an audio CD, make every listener a producer? Certainly, anyone can try. The electric guitar is a relatively available music medium, but how many can do what Jimi Hendrix did with it? Similarly, how many can make a track as listenable as SI-CUT.DB’s dubby tracks or Scanner’s understated techno on "Guide Me By Surprise”? It can be argued that those who have inspiration will bring out their material in one form or another, the fact that some use a computer is incidental. A kid mucking around might fluke out a good track, but something must be said for craftsmanship. (Bip-hop)