Various To: Kate: A Benefit for Kate's Sake

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas if it weren’t for thinking of others and opening one’s heart to charity. Kate and Caroline Kirk are suffering from a rare and fatal genetic disorder called Niemann-Pick Type A/B — a metabolic disease with an occurrence of one in a million that causes progressive neurological damage. Caroline, age six, has symptoms that have progressed beyond the point of help but her experience has helped provide her beloved three-year-old sister with a chance — a potentially life-saving cord bone marrow transplant could give Kate a new lease on life. The Kirks live in Nashville, and Nashville’s finest have answered Gary Tallent’s (Bruce Springsteen) call with the gift of uniquely country-flavoured Christmas music to help raise money for the girls, proceeds going to COTA (the Children’s Program Transplant Association). Fifteen powerful tracks do their part to spread joy as they encourage contributions to this worthy, heart-wrenching cause. Steve Earle and Allison Moorer’s "Nothing but a Child” strikes an obvious nerve while John Prine’s "I’ll Be Home for Christmas” champions the traditional. Rosie Flores’ uplifting "Christmas Everyday” joins with a near-punk treatment of "Oh! Holy Night” by Jason & the Scorchers, just in case you were starting to nod off. Bob Delevantes’ beautiful "Half Bad in the Snow” is a track that sticks in your brain as does Jim Lauderdale’s country-rockin’ "Holly and her Mistletoe.” Pru Clearwater’s Big Happy turns in a hilariously fun "Gift-Wrapped Boy” (with a bonus track sung by a child). Add a little more meaning to your Christmas music this year and you’ll be rewarded by the experience as you help spread the word. (Sappy)