Various Timo Mass, Music For The Masses

"It's not trance, it's not techno, it's not house, it's just ass shaking music!" That is the best way to describe Timo Mass's unique sound. There is even a hint of breaks on this unique two-CD set. Timo Mass is one of the few that has been around the techno scene since the very beginning. This CD starts off with probably the biggest song in electronic music, "Doom's Night," by Timo Mass himself, and he even remixes it once more. This track is known for its extra dirty bass line, which slaps you into a house groove. One of the more refreshing things about this mix is that Timo Mass uses much of his own material, which lets the listener peer further into the DJ's soul and mind. The mixes are also flawless, but when it's a guy who has been DJing for nearly 20 years, I don't think anything less than perfection is acceptable. What I like about his mixing ability is the way he can mix tracks quickly and make it sound good, which is in my opinion the hardest way to mix. This mix is great if you like darker trance, hard techno and a bit of tech-house. (Hope)