Various This Note’s For You Too! A Tribute To Neil Young

The 37 tracks here are sequenced in the order that Neil originally released them, so we start things off with Treble Spankers’ version of “Aurora,” a mediocre surf tune originally released in 1963 by the Squires, and go all the way up to Slobberbone’s suitably pissed-off version of 1994’s “Piece Of Crap,” from Sleeps With Angels. In between we get a better than average set of Neil. Most of the bands keep to the roots rock side of the street with occasional forays into psychedelia (Bevis Frond’s spacy “I’ve Been Waiting For You” and Rich Hopkins & Luminarios’ eerie “Like A Hurricane”), and some DIY influences (Lee Ranaldo’s surprisingly normal “Winterlong”). Highlights include Sonya Hunter’s’ delicate “Expecting To Fly,” Richard Lloyd’s electric Televised version of “Heart Of Gold,” Snares & Kites’ jangle and skronk “Campaigner,” and Big In Iowa’s brawny “Cinnamon Girl,” which also takes the prize for most faithful cover. The Continental Drifters never sounded heavier than on “When You Dance I Can Really Love.” In the end, the set is much like Neil himself — contradictory, confusing, sprawling, eclectic, maddening, yet nearly always worth your time. (Innerstate)