Various This is Skateboard Music

No, this is not an album of Warped Tour bands or the latest compilation of independent skate punk bands. This is real skateboarding themed music from the ’70s that is as far from Suicidal Tendencies’ "Possessed to Skate” as it can get. Back when skateboarding wasn’t about fashion, competition or the almighty buck, a number of artists wrote songs merely just to express how much fun hopping on a board and wheeling down the street could be. Filled with a unique blend of genres and artists, Skateboard Music is a giddy album that is only interested in having a good, innocent time. Though a number of the songs are blatant rip-offs of well-known bands, the inoffensive nature of the music makes it hard not to adore. Sneakers & Lace steal every note of the Beach Boys’ "Surfin’ USA” for their skatin’ replica "Skateboardin’ USA,” but turn in a disco inferno with the affable "Skateboard Boogie.” Daffy Duck also bring disco to the mix with the ridiculously airy "Skateboard Honeymoon,” which is only topped in fluffiness by Jack Tempchin’s John Denver-esque tale of "Skateboard Johnny.” If that’s not enough to get you pulling kickflips, then hearing Marc Bolan belt out the rare "Skateboard” on an acoustic guitar with Gloria Jones should, because nothing says skateboarding like an androgynous, British glam rocker. (Diggler)