Various Thai Pop Spectacular 1960-1980

Welcome to the most party startin’ Sublime Frequencies compilation yet. SF comps have always contained a few undiscovered pop masterpieces but Thai Pop Spectacular mines a particularly brilliant concept, with solid beats culled from 20 years of music making. Interestingly, it’s difficult to determine recording dates for most of these tracks. Even with direct cover versions of classic ephemera such as "Boogie Oogie Oogie” (a must hear!), the listener isn’t sure whether this was done in the ’70s or some time much later. This disorienting effect of Western influences refracted and refashioned for South East Asian pop is a common feeling when listening to Sublime Frequencies collections, but here it goes down as smoothly as a jackfruit lassi thanks to the heaping portions of break beats. And of course, the novelty value is high when translated song titles turn into such eye catchers as "You Should Die By Bullets,” "Look Whose Underwear is Showing” and "Drinking Whiskey Until I’m Blurred.” This comp will find its way into many DJ bags and may further find itself being sampled — Stones Throw, I’m looking in your direction. I hope the artists on this disc are in the loop as far licensing goes. (Sublime Frequencies)