Various Surf Monsters

Surf Monsters is undoubtedly the most sinister, board busting, beach party of the summer. Compiling classic ‘60s Del-Fi surf with today’s beach blanket stomping artists not only makes for a great musical history lesson, but it also provides excellent background music for naked pagan surf rituals. If aural arousal isn’t instantaneous by the likes of such legendary surf artists as the Surfaris, the Sentinals, the Centurions, the Lively Ones or the Impacts; then you’ll be wetting your pants to the likes of the Bomboras, Man or Astroman, Santan’s Pilgrims, the Tiki Tones and Huevos Rancheros. The liner notes contained in the CD insert are comprehensive and informative, a real trip down memory lane. Furthermore, with the reverb cranked and an animalistic beat beating away, the 20 tracks oozing out of Surf Monsters are an instrumental surf lover’s utopian orgasm. There’s no sand in the vaseline here baby, just sheer surf ecstasy! (Del-Fi)