Various Strictly the Best — Volume 31

I like the way this CD brings that reggae energy especially with "Dude" by Beenie Man and Ms Thing, and it continues with having the right balance of fast-paced songs like Gal Yuh Ah Lead — T.O.K. and lovers’ rock like "Perfect Proposal by Wayne Wonder. If you are on your way to a club or embarking on a long road trip, the first half of the CD will get your juices flowing. However, just as you may be getting tired of the fast-paced songs the CD drops into a mellow vibe with songs like "Your Eyes" by Rik Rok featuring Shaggy. This provides a nice change of pace and gets you ready for slow renditions such as Sizzla's shot "Solid as a Rock.” This CD also has that back in the day old school feel with "Smile" by Junior Kelly. My favourite song on this CD is "(Dry cry) Just One of Those Days" by Sizzla. I especially love the way the CD set up this song with the preceding song "Good Old Dancehall" by Beres Hammond and Big Youth. This CD almost makes you feel like you are at a reggae club listening to a live DJ. I usually don't like compilation CDs since the songs selected are usually out of date by the time the CD is released but I was impressed with this compilation. This CD will get you jumping and keep you bobbing your head. I believe this CD has good balance throughout the entire CD so there will not be to much forward skipping on your CD player. This CD is not the mark of excellence but it does come close. (EMI)