Various Stars And Their Guitars: A History of the Electric Guitar

A so-called "history" of the electric guitar that doesn't include interviews with Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck or Pete Townshend but spotlights corporate rockers like Neal Schon (Journey), Steve Lukather of Toto (featured way too much here) and Mick Jones (the Foreigner one, not the Clash guy) is rather lacking in credibility. This DVD, however, does have enough eloquent commentary from such genuine guitar pioneers as Les Paul, B.B. King, Scotty Moore, James Burton, Bo Diddley and Duane Eddy to make it worthwhile. Those impressing with their knowledge and passion include Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), a very humble George Thorogood and Slash. The key guitar companies and models (Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, etc.) are also profiled in an informative and interesting fashion. Some great old footage of early Elvis, Dick Dale, Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry is also a plus. Adequate bonus features include a look at collecting vintage guitars (a late '50s Sunburst Les Paul that cost $300 could now fetch up to half-a-million bucks!) and extra reminiscences from the interviewees. The lasting seductive appeal of the electric guitar is more poetically captured in It Might Get Loud, the recent documentary profiling Jimmy Page, the Edge and Jack White, but there's enough strong material in Stars And Their Guitars to recommend it to all aspiring guitar heroes out there. (Passport)