Various Staedtizism 2

A collection of assorted click-no tunes compiled by Pole, who happens to be one of the best in the field. The tunes steer away from subtle overtones and veer more into full-blown melody with actual instruments to compliment the sounds. "A World So Wide," by John Tejada, has a guitar jamming along to the rhythmic abstractions. Track five, "21st Century Schizoid Man," by Nolte, has a free-jazz improv keyboard flying off on a tangential feel. "XYZ," by Burnt Friedman and the Nu Dub Players, pays closest homage to this genre's dub-roots origins. "Cascais," by Sad Rockets, is easily the most beautiful track on Staedtisizm - it starts off as a sparse minimal whine and blossoms into a spring flower, intoxicating the listener with a chorus of rich sounds. "Dustmite," by Headset, has a jazzier feel, with jagged saxophone sounds playing atop the tune - a wonderfully urban piece, this is the kind of blending I would like to hear more of - improv jazz duking it out with cutting edge electronic producers. Kit Clayton closes the compilation with a clever, almost Reich-ian composition, layering loops of guitar and keyboards. Staedtizism is innovative minimalism that branches out to embody new forms and de-stigmatise the genre. (Scape)