Various The Sound of Miss Moneypenny's

This double compilation is an example of what co-founder of Miss Moneypenny's (a club in Birmingham) Jim "Shaft" Ryan normally cooks up for the dance floor. Focusing on a funkier blend of house, the music here represents the current state of the British house club scene. As with many dance compilations, there are many familiar songs, but what Ryan does to mix things up is use some more obscure remixes of the originals. For example, two former number one singles in the UK have been repackaged as two completely new tracks. Sonique's "It Feels So Good" has been stripped of its breakbeats and turned into a 4/4, acid-jazz chill out, and Spiller's "Groovejet" is robbed of its disco charm and twisted into another Todd Terry house anthem. There are other familiar tunes as well, like Laurent Garnier's "The Man With The Red Face" and Different Gear's Police sampling "When The World Is Running Down," both being reworked into funkier, more suitable thumpers to suit Ryan's style. With the millions and millions of dance compilations being released every single day, Miss Moneypenny's gives you over two-and-a-half-hours of music to move your feet to. It's an effort to sit through both CDs in one sitting, but the club atmosphere is captured quite nicely. (Miss Moneypenny's)