Various Sonarkollektiv

This compilation features mostly mellow acid jazz pieces that share some rhythmic commonalties with soul house yet are intended to stand out as individual pieces rather than blended into a DJ set. All these tracks have a lounge, down-tempo atmosphere with the occasional stylistic segue for good measure. For instance, Extended Spirits' "Illicit pt.2" is a down-tempo, drum & bass tune and Moon's "Twisted Soul" is a vocally ballad that opens with an acoustic guitar jam before soulful electric guitar and drum tempos kick in. The best pieces on this compilation are Fleck's "Tears" and Justine Electra's "I Feel Like Crying." "Tears" opens up with a warm string arrangement along with deep acoustic bass and a grainy, bluesy voice lamenting his "lonesome tears" while haunting vibes resonate over top. Justine Electra's piece is a well articulated ballad set to contemporary R&B rhythms. For fans of the immensely popular Rebirth of Cool series, I consider Sonarkollektiv a mellower version of such and worth consideration. (Dialog)