Various Snow Robots Vol. 1 and 2

A double release on Suction Records that should have been a double CD instead, since it would not make sense to have one without the other. Snow Robots is a culmination of what used to previously be twelve-inch only material by Solvent and Lowfish along with contributions and collaborations with David Kristian and Perspects and Adult of the Ersatz Audio record label. Simply put, Suction Records puts out some of Canada's best techno and electro, though some might argue that their material is more a continuation of '80s new wave synth-pop in the tradition of Soft Cell, OMD and New Order. Either way this is just good music. The tracks here are upbeat and playful yet carefully constructed with a reverence and obvious skill for melody. That's because Solvent and Lowfish, aka Jason Am and Gregory deRocher, put a high premium on craftsmanship. Their intent is to construct songs that last beyond the vogue of electronic music trends and in the process perhaps compose something of lasting merit. Longevity is a definite attribute, even though much of this material is a re-issue it sounds just as pristine now as it was then. Snow Robots also features original unreleased tunes and remixes as well. A must have for all electronic music enthusiasts. (Suction)