Various Sleazegrinder Presents: Cock and Roll

First off, let’s sort that Sleazegrinder is a Cambridge, MA-based dude who writes rock reviews and also has a glam punk label of the same name. A shameless self promoter, he’s now putting out records by the kind of bands he’s been pushing in his writing for the last few years. While you’ve got to admire him for putting his money where his mouth is, the quality of tracks on this compilation barely seem worth the plastic they’re burned on. Clocking in at a beefy 73 minutes, this 26-track collection of bands from the U.S. and Europe are strictly second string , with bands like Lanternjack and the Dog Shit Boys coming off like rip-offs of bigger bands like the Hellacopters, Nashville Pussy or the Toilet Boys. There is a scrappy porno-aesthetic to the whole packaging of the album, but a few dirty pictures can’t make up for this veritable clearing house of crummy bar rock bands. (Sleazegrinder)